ground water monitoring vehicleWestchester County Airport, as part of its effort to protect the environment, has undertaken an unprecedented voluntary hydrogeological study, groundwater investigation and groundwater monitoring program at the airport, to insure that the Kensico Reservoir and other water bodies near the airport are not adversely impacted by activities at the airport. 

Beginning in 1999, the airport developed and implemented an airport-wide Site Investigation Report and Groundwater Monitoring Program to determine the impact of Airport operations on groundwater. 

This study and ongoing monitoring program, which was developed voluntarily and in cooperation with pertinent government agencies, including the New York State Attorney General and Department of Environmental Conservation, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, which operates the Kensico Reservoir, and participation of environmental organizations and the public, was completed in 2001.

The study found that “…there is no …groundwater pollution threat to Rye Lake [Kensico Reservoir] or the surrounding environment emanating from the Airport.”

In August 2001, the airport implemented the recommended groundwater monitoring program.  Twice a year, the airport’s qualified consultant collects samples from a monitor well network that currently consists of 57 monitoring wells located across the airport.

There are 31 regulatory control wells which are utilized to monitor groundwater quality in areas of concern. The remaining 26 wells are sentinel wells which are utilized to monitor the groundwater quality of the surrounding areas prior to discharging toward nearby surface water bodies such as Rye Lake. The collected groundwater samples are analyzed at a certified laboratory and the results published in a report posted on the airport’s website.

Here is an example of a Groundwater Monitoring Program Semiannual Report that was released in June 2009.