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The Westchester County Airport benefits from the participation of several county departments involved in land use and operations planning at the airport.

The Department of Public Works and Transportation, the Department of Planning, and the contracted operator AvPORTS are all involved in ensuring that physical and operational improvements are implemented in a coordinated and comprehensive manner, and in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Over the years, many planning documents have been developed and some have achieved some degrees of implementation. These major documents which guide the capital and operating investments at the airport include:

In addition, several studies have been undertaken over the years to deal with improvements to the aircraft deicing process, and in 2010, a study was completed to identify improvements to the Airport’s existing storm water management system. In 2012, a new Airport Layout Plan (ALP) was initiated to be compliant with new FAA regulations.

Airport Master Plan, 2012
The Westchester County Department of Public Works and Transportation is in the process of conducting an Airport Master Plan in accordance with the requirements of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidance.

The Master Plan process is now in the information-gathering phase. On July 17, 2013 a public meeting was held at the Westchester County Center. The boards displayed at the meeting may be viewed below:

Board 1 - Introduction to Westchester County Airport

Board 2 - New York State Economic Impact of Aviation

Board 3 - Introduction to Westchester County Airport

Board 4 - Master Plan Definition and Process

Board 5 - Environmental Factors in the Master Plan

Board 6 - Current Environmental Initiatives


Master Plan Update, Final Report, December 2017