Westchester County Airport, as part of its effort to protect the environment, has prepared an Air Emissions Inventory for transportation associated operations that occurred at the airport in 2007. This report has been updated in 2021 to reflect 2017 data.

The air emissions inventory includes the "Kyoto six" greenhouse gases (GHGs) and an additional eight (non-GHG) criteria air pollutants associated with airport operations. The purpose of the inventory is to establish a snapshot of the airport's emissions in 2007 and provide a basis to identify opportunities to reduce emissions.

Westchester County Airport has also adopted an Air Emissions Inventory Management Plan, which is intended to guide the airport in the maintenance and compilation of its air emissions inventory.

Westchester County Airport uses its air emissions inventory to:  

  • Understand the airport’s relationship to the issue of climate change
  • Develop strategies for managing GHG issues in the future, including participation in policy development and implementation of emissions controls on its operations
  • Report its environmental performance, both internally and externally
  • Respond to existing regulatory requirements and prepare for future regulatory responsibilities

As part of its effort to reduce air emissions, in 2009, the airport converted its ground support equipment fleet from gasoline and diesel-powered to pure electric-powered vehicles, and as a result eliminated the second largest contributor to air pollution at the airport. This will save about 121,907 gallons of fuel per year and reduce operating costs.