image of a fingerprintThe Security Department and Badging Office provides information to airport employees and tenants on the badging process and other matters related to working at the airport.

The department is not in charge of passenger screening, parking, airline schedules or lost and found.  For passenger and baggage screening or checkpoint questions, contact the TSA (866) 289-9673.

Application Process and Forms
What is SIDA? Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) is a special security area designated by the airport where an identification system must be used in this area. Persons who need access to this secure area need one of four types of badges at the airport.  Employees and tenants may apply for one of these badges to work at or access the secure area of the Westchester County Airport.

An Unescorted SIDA Badge application is appropriate for employees who will be working on the commercial airline ramp at the main terminal.  

A Non-SIDA Badge application is for those employees who work for airport tenants or sub-tenants of the airport.

An FBO Access Badge application is appropriate for those persons directly employed by a fixed-based operator who do not have a need to be on the commercial airline ramp.  

Persons should fill out the General Aviation Tenant Identification Badge application if they are pilots of light general aviation aircraft based out of Million Air or Landmark West facilities.

It is the responsibility of all applicants to follow the proper instructions, fill out the appropriate forms, and submit acceptable forms of identification for Airport Security ID office’s review.  Each applicant requires an Authorized Signatory form from your employer or FBO.  This form must be on file with the Westchester County Airport before any badge applications will be accepted.

If your badge is lost, stolen or destroyed please fill out a Badge Replacement application and notify the Security ID office or operations immediately. Conversely, if you are terminated or resign from a position at the airport, you must complete an Identification Cancellation Form in accordance with Westchester County Airport and TSA rules and regulations.

Lost badges are also to be reported with this form in addition to immediate notification.

The Security ID office also collects fees for some applications and services rendered.

Before it is time to renew your SIDA badge, please visit the Security ID office to renew at no charge.

Any visitors to the airport that require access to the airfield will be given a Visitor badge.  Visitors must follow all Westchester County Airport policies, be escorted at all times, and return their badge at the end of the visit.

SIDA Training
SIDA training class is required for all employees applying for a badge. Federal regulations require that you must pass all background checks before you take the class. The authorized signatory from your company will be notified upon your approval or denial. 

Classes are held in the main terminal conference room on the second floor. Classes are typically held on the first and third Thursday of each month (9 a.m.  - 11 a.m) and the second and fourth Monday of each month (1 p.m. - 3 p.m.). Please contact the office to find out when the next class will be held.

For additional information, please contact the security department and badging office at (914) 995-4009 or (914) 995-2592.

For passenger and baggage screening or checkpoint questions, contact the TSA (866) 289-9673.